Monday, August 15, 2011

Does Your Hair Need A Boost?

I finally ordered Advance Techniques Root-Boosting Tonic available only through Avon.  I must admit, I felt almost like a child waiting for a Christmas package to arrive, or waiting to open that one special gift.  I was totally excited!!  I have used/tried a lot of products to help with the texture, thickness and to give my hair body.  There is one I am currently using from Redken.  To be honest, I think it works,  It gives my hair a little extra boost and body where I need it.  The problem I have with it is it often makes my hair feel greasy and leaves it feeling sticky.  I hardly put any on and I still get the same result, sticky.  That is why I decide to try the Advance Techniques Root-Boosting Tonic, well that and I have had good luck with all the other hair styling products I have tried from Avon plus I save a lot of money!!

Once my childish excitement wore off I finally got to use my new product.  Yay!  The fun part.  To my surprise, I loved everything about it. 

  • Does it smell good?  Yes!! I cannot stand products that smell.  Can you?
  • Did it make my hair feel or look greasy?  No, not at all.  My hair felt almost thicker and it certainly had more volume and bounce. 
  • Was it easy to use?  Most definitely.  After I was done showering I towel dried my hair and sprayed 3 -4 sprays.  I then worked the solution into my roots using my hands.  I always dry my hair with a hair dryer and so I continued to dry it and I loved my results. 
I would also recommend using the Root-Boosting Tonic with Avon's Advance Techniques Shampoo and Conditioner.  This will help add extra volume and texture where needed. 

Avon is running a special during Campaign 18 where you can buy the Advance Techniques Volume Collection 5 - piece for $14.99 (valued at $33) OR you can buy them separately. 

Advance Techniques Volume 5 - Piece Collection (sold sseparately)
Be sure to check out the other haircare products Avon offers for Daily Shine, Color Protection and Frizz Control.  Shop My Online Store 24/7 to find all your haircare needs!  Please let me know if you have any questions. 
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