Friday, October 14, 2011

HEY! I played With Dolls Until I Was Twelve!

Do you ever hear yourself saying, "I can't believe how things have changed."  or "Things were NOT like that when I was younger."  I don't think it matters if you are 25, 35 or even 55, things are different than how you remember them when you were a child.

I am 37 years old.  Born in 1974 and graduated high school in Iowa in 1992.  Grew up in the 80's and loved the 90's.  My daughter is in 2nd grade and I just don't understand schools now.  Although some of it might be due to living in St. Louis, but it just seems like she is off school A LOT!  Seriously, how many teacher meetings and half days does the school really need?  Plus, I remember half days meaning getting out at noon.  She goes until 1:10 and doesn't get home until 1:40.

This week she is on "Fall Break"  Are you kidding me?  Even Grace is confused.  She was bummed she was missing school.  Okay, let me explain.  Grace is a normal child she just really loves school.  Isn't that awesome?  Anyway, her Fall Break is a week long and is just because.  Oh and they are also off an additional Monday...just because.  No reason given.  I remember We had Thanksgiving break, Christmas break (which they call Winter break now, don't even get me started on that!) and Spring break.

I understand that things change over time.  Certain things need to change, but I feel too many things get changed by us, our society and just everything.  I remember how school was for me.  I did truly enjoy it.  Sure I did have some scary days, nervous days and even some days I didn't even want to go.  I think everyone has those days, but I fear how children and some of the school systems have become.  I think children, our sons and daughters have so much more to deal with today.  I just pray my daughter can stay young at heart and enjoy her innocence for as long as possible.

I know there are girls out doing things at ages 12, 13 and probably younger that I had not even heard of or talked about until high school.  It is scary, but I just hope my daughter can play with dolls until 12 or 13.

This picture was taken yesterday of Grace just chillin with her CPK.  
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  1. I worry about these things too! My oldest will start kindergarten next fall, and, from what I've heard from other moms, it's a whole different ball game. I just hope I will have her prepared and ready to do her best.

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  3. Same thoughts here about my little one!

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