Saturday, February 25, 2012

Avon's NEW Advance Techniques Hair Color...I LOVE It!

For the first time ever Avon is introducing Advance Techniques Professional Hair Color.  As a Representative I was able to try it first today.  You can choose from 25 different shades.  My choice was Blue Black 2.1 Please see the Color Chart below to find which color would be best for YOU.

The Advance Techniques Professional Hair Color will be available to all customers in Campaign 9 which you can order online from starting April 9, 2012.  Please contact me if you are interesting in ordering or having any questions about this Avon products or any other products from Avon.

Avon Advance Techniques Professional Hair Color - FERGIE

I just used Avon's Advance Techniques Hair Color Blue Black today.  I must admit I love how soft and full my hair feels.  I feel like I have been at the salon all day and my hair has been pampered with treatments.  It is soft, bouncy, clean, and beautiful!  Love it!!

I also love the 3-step process.  Not many hair color set give you the full 3-steps.
Step 1:  Protective Pre-Treatment - You out this on you dry hair first and leave it in.  I loved the smell.  (always important)
Step 2:  Mix the color cream with the color lotion to create you color treatment and next put on your hair. 
Step 3:  Post Treatment conditioner.  You use this in the shower after your hair is rinsed clean.  Leave on for 2 minutes.  You only use this once.  You don't have to reapply every week .  I like that. Love it!!

Here is me with my new Advance Techniques Hair Color in Blue Black
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  1. that looks really good on you:)
    im going to try it out soon too


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