Wednesday, August 15, 2012

And The Votes Are In (Well, Almost)

I am trying out my first poll on my blog and I would LOVE it if you took a moment to vote.  You will find the poll on the top-right hand side of my blog.  If I get a good response I think it would be fun to keep it on as a permanent part of Stlavonlady.

The question is What Do You Love Most About School Starting?  (remember do not vote here.  vote top-right hand corner).

1.  Finally!! Some Peace And Quiet!
2.  Structure...My Kids Really Need That.
3.  I Honestly Miss My Kids.
4.  I Miss My Kids, But I Love The Time To Myself.
5.  I Don't Have Any Kids.

Thanks everyone and don't forget to vote!!
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  1. Thanks for following my blog.I'm now following back.


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