Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Free Online Crossword Puzzles

As I was doing my normal work tonight I decided to browse the web and I came across this pretty cool website call Boatload Puzzles.  Here you can play crossword puzzles, which I love online.  The part that was great is you didn't need to print out the puzzles, use a pen and mark all over the paper.  You just read each clue and filled it in on your computer.  What's even better if you get stumped your can get clues for individual letters, words or the entire puzzle.  
What is even more cool is you can download the daily crossword to your website and play anytime you want for free.  Plus your guests can enjoy the daily puzzles as well.  How cool is that, well if your a puzzle freak like me it's pretty awesome!!  To download the daily crossword for free go to the Web Gadget tab or simply click HERE.  There are different sizes to choose from depending on how and where you want it to fit on your website.  
All that is left is enjoy the puzzles!!  
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  1. There are so many puzzle games are available now online. Even I give most of my time in solving these kinda puzzles, crosswords, quizes.


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