Thursday, February 3, 2011

Is It Time For School YET?!?!

I am sure this week has been a long week for several of us.  Many areas were hit with the freezing temperatures, insane amounts of snow and lets not forget the crippling ice.  This left many of us at home with our children.  For me, I enjoyed it.  I take every minute I can with my daughter and cherish it.  I understand not everyone sees it this way, but I take it as little gifts.  Gifts of extra time to spend with the most important girl in my life. 

We played games, many that bought back good fun memories.  She helped me clean and with the laundry, which was awesome!   That was actually today.  I was getting ready to fold some clothes and Grace came up and asked if she could help.  I quickly jumped on that!  It was a good four days off, but as many say all good things must come to an end. 

This picture was taken Wednesday evening.  That was the day we made a fire, she helped me clean and we played games for almost 2 hours.  I guess I really wore her out.  She feel asleep playing her DSi and listening to her ipod. 

Love it!
Love her!

Always love, hold and kiss your children!! 

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