Sunday, February 6, 2011

Late Night Snowboarding

Are you ever asked the question, "Got any big plans for the weekend?"  And you just say no, not really.  Then end up having a pretty awesome weekend?  Don't you love it when that happens?!  I do!  Yesterday Grace had her taekwondo class and put herself one step closer to earning her Green-1st belt.  Go Grace!!  Then Doug's parents offered to take us out to eat to my favorite restaurant, Olive Garden.  Love that place!!  Great food, time and with wonderful people.  How could you go wrong? 

Then we all went to Sam's Club in Chesterfield to do my weekly routine and get my 3 newspapers for coupons.  Picked up a few other items and Doug's mom bought us a cheesecake (my favorite)!! 

We all then came home, the cousins (Grace and Marcus) played and we talked.  It was a great fun, family day!  I love those!  Ten minutes before they were leaving Dave (Doug's Dad) decided it was necessary to go snowboarding.  lol  It was pretty awesome. 

Marcus is a pro.  Grace is still in training. 

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