Sunday, March 27, 2011

Behr Paint Rollers VS. The Cheap Guys

There has been a lot of painting going on in our house these past several weeks.  My husband is finally getting close to the end.  Yay, we here the crowd cheer!  Today as he is finishing the kitchen (Finally!) he comments how awesome the Behr rollers are vs. the cheaper ones. 

Usually when we would paint we would just buy what ever rollers are the cheapest.  Never again he says.  Think back to the last time you painted.  Did you get the cheap ones or the Behr brand or a similar product?  I am sure if you got one of the cheaper one you remember picking the icky stuff off the wall.  How the roller would pick up that "stuff" and transfer it to your wall.  Not cool.  Not with the Behr rollers.  Just by looking at the rollers you can tell the difference. 

So, in this instance spending a little more money is definitely the way to go.  If you know you are going to be doing some painting, watch for sales at Home Depot and stock up.  I did notice at Home they had a sale on the Behr Rollers. 

BEHR Professional Series Microfiber 3/16 In. Nap Length Paint Roller Cover for $4.99 Regular priced $9.99.  Not sure if this price is good in-store or not. 
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