Sunday, March 27, 2011

What Is Your Favorite Avon Fragrance?

Do you have a favorite Avon scent?  Before I started selling Avon my favorite scent was Imari.  Imari is a spicy musk scent that is very feminine.  I first came in contact with Imari at a party when a friend was wearing it.  I loved it!!  There are two other Imari scents Avon sells.  Imari Seduction and Imari Mystique.  I have not tried Imari Mystique, but Imari Seduction I have tried and I must say I am intrigued with it.  The plum and floral fragrance blended with a little vanilla are just the right combination.  Both Imari and Imari Seduction are included in the Buy One, Get One Free Fragrance Sale.  Perfect time to to try a few of your favorites or find some new favorites. 

Since selling Avon I have tried many different fragrances Avon carries.  Two others I would recommend are Rare Diamonds and Outspoken.  First Rare Diamonds, I absolutely love this scent!  Many are surprised it is Avon and not a high-priced department store brand.  One or two sprays will last me all day or night.  It is such a elegant and beautiful scent.  Love it!!  Love it!!  Love it!!  Rare Diamonds is also part of the Buy one, Get One Free Fragrance Sale. 

Outspoken by Fergie is a great newer scent by Avon.  It is bold and sexy yet feminine and floral at the same time. This is a very unusual scent that I love to wear when I want to feel sexy and bold!  Outspoken is not part of the Buy One, Get One Free Fragrance Sale, but you can order yours on my online store for $28. 

So, I listed some of my favorites.  Did I name any of your favorites?  If not what are your favorites?  I would love to hear.  I now many of you you wear some of Avon's classics or even the new perfumes.  I would love to hear which ones!! 
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