Monday, March 28, 2011

Cardinals Ticket Pricing We Could Be Seeing A Change

With living in St. Louis many of us love our baseball and we love the Cardinals.  As I was watching the news tonight they talked about how the Cardinals have announced a flexible pricing system known as Dynamic Ticket Pricing. It is similar to the system airlines use to sell seats on board airplanes.

"It really is like the airline model where the farther out you buy, the more likelihood you have of getting the lowest fare," said Dan Farrell, the Cardinals Senior Vice-President of Sales and Marketing.

But Farrell says the price for any seat in Busch Stadium may cost more, or less, than it will on game day. A seat in a certain section may cost more for a Cubs game than it does when the Marlins come to town. And the ticket price for a seat may go up or down depending on the day of the week the game is played, and the weather.

Farrell says it's all about supply and demand. Dynamic ticket pricing allows the Cardinals to sell tickets they may not otherwise sell, and charge a premium for seats in games where demand is high.

"It gives us the ability to monitor how sales are going, what areas people are buying tickets, and make adjustments accordingly," said Farrell.

The program also includes the Dynamic Deal of the Day.  That sounds pretty exciting.  On the Cardinal website each day there will be a different daily offer.  This is where we can we some great bargains and good values.  I like the sound of that!! 

Although ticket prices will go down, as well as up, they will never drop below the price season ticket holders paid.  The Cardinals are the second major league team to use dynamic pricing.  The first were the San Francisco Giants, last year. 

So, does this change how much you will be going to the ball games?  Do you think you will still attend less or more games due to the dynamic pricing? 

To read the entire story please feel free to click HERE.  Also, don't forget to check out the Dynamic Deal of the Day.  Bookmark this page, so you can check back every day for the new deal. 
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