Thursday, September 22, 2011

Fall's Hottest Tip ~ Crackle Nail Polish

Crackle nail polish has been around for some time now. In fact it was made a massive hit during the late 90s.  It is now back and everyone, you either love it or hate it.  I personally think it is pretty cool.  At least it is something I am willing to try.  I have had several friends already buy it through Avon and they LOVE it!  

One of the reasons why crackle nail polish is so popular is that it provides women and young girls with more interesting, fun and exciting looking nails.  With the rich colors and the durability of these nail polishes, there is no wonder why there are a lot of people who turn to crackle nail polish to decorate their nails with.  With the shattered effect you can watch it break into a dazzling design!

Avon's Mosiac Effects actually helps your polish last longer. The texture of the Mosiac Effects will keep your nails looking fashion forward for an entire week.  The best thing is you can place Avon's Mosaic Effects over all your favorite colors.  No need to run out and buy several new colors or polish.  

Here is an example of Avon's Mosaic Effects being used by a good friend of mine.  First you use your base coat under the crackle finish.  She is wearing Avon's Tangtastic (944-970).  

Second add Avon's Mosaic Effects (631-537) and watch the magic happen.  

Trendy Tip:  Use your 3 favorite shades as a base under crackle finish and watch it create a unique lacy design instantly!  

Avon's Crackle Polish is On Sale during Campaign 21 for ANY 2 for $6.99.  Time to stock up and make a fashion statement this Fall.  You can contact me directly or Shop My Online Store.  

Here is a review from a customer from my online store.  Her age ranges form 35-44 and she bought Avon's Crackle Polish within the last 2 weeks.  

"This stuff is AWESOME!! I have tried other crackle polishes and this works THE BEST of any other brand I've tried. It applies easily, crackles GREAT, and stays on! The price is also wonderful compared to others that are being sold. Give it a won't be sorry!"
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  1. Many women are using Crackle Nail Polish because of the different designs that they can make. They can experiment and still the results are quite amazing.


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