Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Does Bad Hair Mean Bad Health?

Is your hair trying to tell you something about your health? Maybe. Some conditions and medications can affect your body as well as your hair. In other cases, you may just need to take better care of your hair or scalp.

I recently was talking about this to my 7 year old daughter, yes I know it sounds like a mature conversation, but I feel children need to know at any age how important is it to take good care of themselves.  Last year she was struggling with getting her hair clean in the shower.  It made her just not want to shower at all.  We finally got past it and are now dealing with the time issue, but  I would much rather deal with long showers verse a stinky, unclean girl.  Honestly, it never got to that point, but it did remind of that movie with Adam Sandler, Big Daddy.  Nobody wants to be the stinky kid in class.  : )

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  1. I always thought dandruff just meant you had dry skin! Oh and I love the movie Big Daddy, haha. "I can wipe my
    own butt!"


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