Saturday, November 26, 2011

Shop, Save and Earn Gift Cards All While Shopping!!

Have you heard of the App shopkick?  If you loving shopping, saving money, easy and convenience then this is for you.  Simply go HERE to download to your iPhone or Android phone.  Then the rest is easy and up to you how much you can earn.  

Another thing that is great about this program is the choices.  When you start earning kicks you can either redeem them for gift cards, Facebook credits, T.V's and trips (major kicks for these)  or you can donate your kicks to many different causes.  How awesome is that?  

What is it?

shopkick gives you awesome deals and rewards simply for walking into your favorite stores. You can collect your kicks™ rewards at millions of stores in America, and great deals at many of the top national retailers. Crazy, but true.

How Does it Work?

Collect walk-in rewards: Have you ever gotten rewarded simply for walking into stores — yes, just for visiting? Now you can collect a ton of kicks™ in the kicks Reward Program and unlock awesome exclusive deals at your favorite stores. Just walk into one of 1,300 Best Buy stores and almost 1,000 Old Navy stores in all 50 states, and hundreds of Target stores, Macy's, American Eagle, Sports Authority, Crate&Barrel, West Elm, Wet Seal and the largest Simon malls! Open the shopkick app on your iPhone or Android phone in the entrance area, and wait for a few seconds. That's it! Your shopkick app will reward you instantly. It's fun. shopkick is adding more stores in more cities every month.  Just this weekend I visited Best Buy, Target and several others stores in my area.  

Get exclusive deals: Discover and unlock awesome deals in the shopkick app at dozens of national stores, many of them are exclusively offered to shopkick users only.

Collect scan rewards: Collect additional kicks rewards by scanning barcodes of featured products with your phone at 250,000 stores across the United States.  I scanned at 2 different stores this week.  I must say it was easier to scan at Best Buy verses Target.  It may have been the item or because it was my first time, but I had a lot of trouble at Best Buy.  Target was a breeze.  

Redeem your kicks™ for rewards! Get cool rewards like iTunes gift cards, restaurant vouchers, Best Buy/Target/Macy's/American Eagle/Sports Authority instant gift cards, Facebook Credits, movie tickets, or if you go all out, a 3D 55" Sony Bravia HDTV or a cruise around the world! And if you want to change the world, donate your kicks to 30 different causes!

So far this weekend I have collected over 300 shopkicks and I never even bought anything!  I collected these just from entering stores while shipping and scanning different items.  It actually it fun and super easy.  I look forward to collecting more and getting my 1st gift card.

So, to start earning your shopkicks simply go here and get started!!
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