Saturday, February 12, 2011

What Exactly Is A School Yard Crush?

Today as my daughter and I are eating lunch together she tells me she has a crush on Jayden.  I respond with a smile, "Oh you do?"  It is almost like she has been waiting to tell me this for weeks.  The excitement in her face was too fun!  I then asked her what she thought a crush was.  She said a crush was when you ask someone else to do something for you everyday.  I couldn't help but continue to smile.  She then said that only girls could have crushes on boys and boys could only have crushes on girls.  Too funny!  She then ends our talk by telling me who has a crush on her.  (smiling the entire time)  Grace says he used to bully her, but now he is my crush. 

Oh dear, trying to figure out my daughter and she is only 7.  I can hardly wait until the teenage years.  Where a crush actually becomes a crush and so much more!  I actually loved this conversation.  Sweet, fun and so full of life.  Just like my Grace!!
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  1. awww that is so cute! My daughter will be 7 next week & still thinks boys are the most disgusting thing ever as far as "crushes" are concerned. I am thankful for that hahahah!

  2. Happy birthday to your daughter. I love that she thinks boys are disgusting!! :)


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