Friday, February 11, 2011

What Strange Habits Do You Have?

As I sit here in a house that was minutes ago loud and hopping I am soaking in the silence.  Enjoying "my time" to relax and do what I want.  I love this time at night.  I get up to get a glass of water and also grab a piece of gum.  Well, maybe not just one piece.  How about I grab the entire pack. You never know...

Yes sir, that is my strange, weird habit.  I like to chew several pieces of gum at once.  I always did this as a child.  Not that strange, at least I don't think it was.   As children we would do silly things with food, drinks or gum.  Anything we could put in our mouth.  Maybe ate too much or maybe not enough or just plain playing with it.  I remember my mom would get frustrated because I would always chew all her gum.  She would carry at least on pack of Doublemint (5 sticks) in her purse and during church I would get into it.  My daughter is the complete opposite.  She loves gum, but I can only get her to chew her gum for 10 -15 minutes and it's only one piece.  Thank goodness she doesn't take after me on that! 

Well, I grew up and the habit never really changed.  Anytime I would have a piece of gum I would usually have 2.  It was not until I quit smoking (2000) that I think the "gum habit" started back up again.  Perhaps I did it out of habit with a mixture of getting over quitting smoking.  I am sure I needed something to take the place of cigarettes and I didn't want that replacement to be food or candy.  All I know is I love gum.  Most the time I cannot chew just one piece of gum. 

Now, listen, I don't want you thinking I walk around with this huge wad of gum in my mouth.  I at least have manors.  I usually only do this crazy gum ritual at home and in the evening.  Does that make it any better? 

So, what crazy, strange and different habits do you have?  Something that your friends or family have always told you is different, but you don't think is that strange?  Ah come on.  I told you mine.  Let's hear yours! 
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