Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Avon Makes Cooking Easier And Much More Fun!

Do you have limited space in your kitchen, but still want to have those fun gadgets and all the pot and pans for cooking and baking?  Avon has all the fun kitchen utensils that will help make your cooking time easier, faster and so much more fun!

NEW in Campaign 13 in the Collapsible Colander with Legs.  Hold up to 3 1/2 quarts and is top-rack dishwasher safe.  It is also heat resistant up to 450 degrees.  The great thing about this colander is if you have a smaller kitchen or you are limited to space, it folds up and can even be kept in the dishwasher.  This colander takes up 80% less space than traditional colanders!!  Item number 498-177 Only $19.99

Are you not sure how or where to store your onions and potatoes?  It is always best to store them in a dark cool place.  Sometimes that is hard finding such a place.  I love the idea of these bags.  For me it is a space saver plus it keeps the onions and potatoes up off the floor. 

Also NEW for Campaign 13 are the  Onion and Potato Sacks.  They hold up to 5lbs each and have a drawstring closure.  They clean up nice with being machine washable and made of cotton.  You get the set of 2 for just $9.99.  Item number is  509-472

There have been many times that I have said I wished I had a flexible measuring cup.  I make a Pasta House Salad and when I make the dressing I always use a certain container to mix the dressing.  The top is very small and I often spill when I am trying to measure my ingredients because of my glass measuring cups.  This flexible cup would work perfect for this! 

The Flexible Measuring Cup is a 4-cup capacity and can also be a batter bowl.  A lid is included and it is microwave and dishwasher safe.  The item number is 386-308 and it is just $12.99.  This is one item that will make cooking and baking much easier and faster in the kitchen!

Please visit my online store for many more gadgets and kitchen must-haves! 

  • Peeler Set   682-747
  • Silicone Spatula Set     503-751
  • Hand Crank Food Chopper     316-804
  • Garlic Slicer and Shredder     626-992
  • Coffee Press     190-740
  • Musical Cake Server     795-301
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